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S3 Ep8: How Anger Helped Our Marriage

On today’s episode my husband, Mike, joins me to talk about how making friends with anger has helped improve our marriage. 

>> One important caveat - I’m not saying that if your marriage is struggling, just add more anger! No, no, no. What we are talking about today is a relationship where we both have the ability to show up, adult to adult, with mutuality and maturity, and we both are committed to doing our own work. We both are in a growth group and have a coach. We both go to counseling to work on our individual issues. The discussion today is about a good marriage that has been improved by our individual work with anger, not a bad marriage where one person made friends with anger and fixed it. <<

If you and your spouse are both enneagram type nines, this will be a great discussion for you! Mike and I are double nines, which I found out is the most common form of a double enneagram marriage. You’ll hear more about that in the episode, but one major result of us both being nines is that we have a strong desire to suppress anger. So making friends with anger has been a whole journey for us in our marriage! I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Here are links that might be helpful as you listen to the episode:


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