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S3 Ep7: Learning How to Sit with Anger and Lament

On this episode I welcome pastor, spiritual director, and author Michaele LaVigne to have a discussion about anger and lament. We talk about why it's so difficult to invite anger in as a friend, and how hard it is to sit with it and listen to it in the midst of our very noisy culture. We like to drown out the quiet of our own thoughts and emotions with apathy on one end of the spectrum (numbing behaviors like TV, gaming, or eating) or busyness on the other end of the spectrum (constant activity, being a workaholic, constant noise). Why is it important to actually pause and listen? How do we learn to sit with difficult emotions and listen to what they are telling us?

Michaele and I also talk about anger (and lament) as they relate to our spiritual lives and to Christian culture. At the end of the episode she gives some practices that will be helpful for all of us as continue our journey of learning to make friends with anger.

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