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S3 Ep5: How Anger Helps Us Live in Reality

Hey, friends! Welcome back to another enlightening episode of Personal Growth Sucks. We've officially hit Season 3, Episode 5, and the theme that's been steering our conversations is all about making friends with anger. It's about reshaping our relationship with anger, understanding its positive role, and acknowledging the profound ways it can guide us towards growth.

In this season, we've been on a journey of connecting with our feelings of anger, moving away from the stigma that labels it as inherently bad. Instead, we're learning to treat anger as valuable data, a powerful force that can drive positive change when handled with awareness and curiosity.

Today marks the third installment in a four-part series where we're unraveling the intricate role anger plays in our internal character capacities. When I refer to character in my coaching, I'm talking about the essential skills we need to navigate the demands of reality. These capacities, namely attachment, boundaries, integration, and adulthood, form the foundation of our internal muscles for engaging with the external world in a healthy way.

Joining me today is a dear friend and colleague, Mark Brown, the founder of True North Coaching and Consulting. Mark and I have shared a growth journey for three years, and now I'm proud to be working with him as one of his coaches. His insights and friendship have been invaluable, making him the perfect guest for this episode.

Together, Mark and I will delve into the concept of integration, the third character capacity. It's a concept that has played a pivotal role in both our personal growth journeys, and we're excited to share our reflections and experiences with you.

So, buckle up for an insightful conversation on integration, as we explore the intricate dance between positive and negative realities and the transformative power that anger holds in this realm. 

Here are links that might be helpful:

⁠Changes that Heal⁠ by Henry Cloud

⁠Atlas of the Heart⁠ by Brene Brown

⁠Mindsight⁠ by Dan Siegel


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