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S3 Ep3: Making Friends with Anger - How Anger Helps Us with Bonding

On Season 3 of the podcast we're diving deep into uncharted waters, exploring the dynamic role that anger plays in helping us bond with others.

Yes, you read that right! One of the roles anger plays is helping us create healthier relationships.

On this episode, my personal coach, Lisa Gomez Osborn, joins us for the first in a series of four episodes talking about character capacities and how anger helps us with them. You might be wondering, what exactly are character capacities? Well, in my coaching practice, they're the secret sauce—the set of internal skills and muscles we need to engage with the world around us in a healthy, thriving way. Think of it as the toolkit for tackling life's demands.

Lisa and I talk about an overview of these character capacities, with a special focus on the first one: attachment, or as I like to call it, bonding. We'll unpack how anger plays a crucial role in understanding our attachment needs and, believe it or not, how it can be the key to forming stronger, more fulfilling relationships. Intrigued? Listen in to learn more:

Here are links from the episode that might be helpful:


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