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Accelerate Your Goals

Having a guide on your personal growth journey is a smart way to grow farther, faster. Here are some ways I can help you and your team identify and remove hidden obstacles so you can achieve your personal and professional goals:

One-on-one coaching

Coaching is most effect when it is done consistently over time, so I have a variety of coaching packages to choose from starting with a minimum of four sessions. Click here to view my calendar and get started with a free, no strings attached introductory session.

Team coaching

In this post-pandemic era of "quiet quitting" it can be hard to know what is happening below the surface for your team members. Having an objective guide who can help them navigate work challenges makes it safe for them to be honest about the problems they are experiencing and explore solutions. And, working with the whole team gives me a chance to tackle the root issue of interpersonal problems without employees feeling threatened.

Team training

I love working with teams and helping them understand powerful concepts that will help them perform at a higher capacity. Some of the topics I enjoying training about are:

  • Emotional intelligence and relational nutrients (based on Dare to Lead and People Fuel)

  • Interpersonal communication - improving awareness of yourself and others

  • The impact of assessments such as Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and CliftonStrengths - how understanding yourself and your team members can increase work satisfaction

  • Reality-based goals - how to get more done when you set goals that are connected to your core values and strengths (especially good for employees who struggle with procrastination and internal motivation)

For team coaching or training, contact me to schedule a conversation so I can learn more about your needs. Then I'll create a customized plan just for you, with specific ways I can serve as the guide for you and your team to help you work better together and achieve more.


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