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S3 Ep4: How Anger Helps Us with Healthy Boundaries

On this episode of Personal Growth Sucks, I’m continuing to dive deep into the realm of anger as I learn to embrace it as a valuable guide. Remember, it's all about understanding that anger has a purpose, and today, we're focusing on how it can illuminate the boundaries we need in our relationships.

Before we get started, a quick recap: In my coaching, I often refer to "character capacities" as the internal tools we need to navigate the world around us. There are four of these capacities: attachment, boundaries, integration, and adulthood. Today, we're honing in on boundaries – the dance between individuality and togetherness in our connections. (For more info about the four capacities, be sure to listen to my last episode with Lisa Gomez Osborn where we talk more in depth about them.)

I'm thrilled to have my therapist and trusted guide, Amanda Richhart from Wright Directions Counseling, joining us today. Mandy has been an integral part of my own journey, and I'm a staunch advocate for both therapy and coaching in the pursuit of personal growth. I loved how she talks about “blobbing” and “unblobbing” in relationships, and how that process in messy but necessary if we are going to have healthy boundaries. 

This episode reminds me that relationships are messy and complex, and it’s often difficult to have a clear perspective on them when we are in the midst of them. Having someone to walk alongside of you will accelerate your growth and help you gain perspective that is impossible on your own. If you feel stuck in a relationship that seems to be going in circles and leaves you feeling exhausted, I’d love to talk with you and offer some helpful perspective. Contact me for a free coaching session, just go to the link below to see my calendar and schedule an appointment.

Here are links that might be helpful:

Dr. Murray Bowen, family systems therapy - ⁠The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family


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