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S2 Ep8: Curing Procrastination - Making Peace with Your Actual Self

On this episode, I explore the idea of making peace with your actual self, instead of trying to be your ideal self. I talk about accepting the parts of you that are unlikely to change (personality, the way your brain works, etc.) as well as accepting the fact that things that can change (learning new skills, maturing, increasing awareness, etc.), will take time. A mantra that helps me get in touch with acceptance for my actual self is, “I can’t be more today than I am today.”

Personal growth takes a lot of courage and it is really helpful to have a dedicated guide who can walk with you on your journey. Working with a life coach is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself, and if you’re ready to explore the idea of working with a coach, I’d love to talk with you. I offer a free introductory coaching session, no strings attached, so you can have a transformational coaching experience and see if ongoing coaching is something that would add value to your life. See my calendar and schedule an appointment at

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