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S2 Ep6: Curing Procrastination - Managing Other People's Emotions

On this episode, I talk about trying to manage the emotions of other people and how that can cause me to procrastinate on tasks. As a chronic people pleaser, I haven't always been aware of the consequences of trying to avoid disappointing others. But the more that I pursue building a healthier ecosystem that helps me manage procrastination, the more I see how big of a problem people pleasing is.

I also talk about boundaries and revisit the concept of bringing definition to relationships and circumstances. All of these things aren’t typically talked about in connection to procrastination, but as I have worked to create healthier habits in these areas I’ve noticed a big difference in my mindset about my “to do” list.

A reminder, I announced on the last episode that I’ll be launching a course/book study in January 2023. If you want to be the first to know when I have all the details figured out and registration is live, visit to get on the email list.


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