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S2 Ep5: Curing Procrastination - Decision Making

We've made it to the middle of season 2, which is all about "curing" procrastination. I don't actually think you can "cure" procrastination once and for all - it's sort of like bad weather, you will always have a sprinkle of it here and there, and some days will be worse than others. But what we can do is create a healthier ecosystem for managing procrastination in the ways that it shows up in our lives.

One of the ways that I'm creating a healthier ecosystem in my own life is building my "muscle" of making decisions. On this episode, I talk about decision making and the ways it can cause problems related to procrastination. Some of the things I cover are:

  • Bringing definition to my circumstances

  • Why grief has been important in learning how to make decisions

  • The ways decision making feels vulnerable

  • How perfectionism and accountability can make me freeze

  • Why it’s important to know what I’m saying “yes” to

I also announced that I’ll be launching a course/book study in January 2023. If you want to be the first to know when I have all the details figured out and registration is live, visit to get on the email list.

Here are some links* you might find helpful after listening to today’s episode:

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Getting Things Done by David Allen

Steps to Everyday Productivity Course

Finish by Jon Acuff

“Big Rocks” video

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