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S2 Ep1: Curing Procrastination - Why It's Not about Productivity

Welcome to Season Two of the Personal Growth Sucks podcast! I'm excited to have made it through the milestone of finishing up the first season, and now I get to start a deep dive into a new topic: procrastination.

I picked this topic because it's something that I used to struggle with every day. It was the source of a lot of my negative self-talk. And, one day I was surprised to discover that my issues with procrastination had seemed to disappear, even though I had put aside trying to "fix" myself in this area.

If I wasn't trying to fix it anymore, how is it possible that I wasn't struggling with it nearly as much? Ah, yes, personal growth. It's because I was working on numerous others areas of my life that were tied to the procrastination problem.

In this season I'll talk about my journey away from procrastination and share the things that helped me. In this first episode I talk about why we tend to think that we can fix procrastination with more productivity, but actually that's not the solution. I also share a metaphor and a way of thinking that has transformed my life, not just with procrastination but with all negative self-talk.

Here are some links* you might find helpful after listening to today’s episode:

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