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S1 Ep5 - Introducing Relational Nutrients into Existing Relationships

This week I continue season one of the Personal Growth Sucks podcast, all about Relational Nutrients. My husband, Mike, and I were finally able to record an episode about what it was like for me to upset the status quo of our marriage by introducing Relational Nutrients to him. (For an explanation of what relational nutrients are and why they are important, you’ll want to check out episode one where my friend Jen and I gave an overview of the topic.)

At times it’s been really messy to incorporate these concepts into our marriage, but it’s been worth it! Mike shares his experiences with understanding the importance of relational nutrients, and you’ll hear some real life examples of how it has caused conflict for us. Ultimately, we share how relational nutrients have made our marriage stronger and have given us space to show up even more fully in our relationship.

Here are some links* you might find helpful after listening to today’s episode:

Full list of Relational Nutrients, with definitions of each

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