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My First Podcast Episode

For more than ten years I've had the vision for creating a podcast. I don't remember where I first heard about podcasting but, from the very beginning, it just felt like a thing I was supposed to do. I'm still not sure why.

A few years ago I hired a podcast coach to help me get one up and running. He helped me with all of the technical skills and with understanding things like equipment options, editing, publishing, etc. He was great.

And I ghosted him. Because I didn't realize that I still had a lot of issues to work through before I'd be ready to actually put myself out there in a podcast. Now, after getting a little further down the road in my personal growth journey, I'm excited to finally launch the podcast that has been in my heart and mind for a very long time.

On this first episode, I introduce the whole concept behind Personal Growth Sucks and talk about why the podcast is requiring huge amounts of courage from me in my own growth journey. I talk about why my brain and emotions are telling me it's the worst idea ever to start a podcast, and what you can expect from future episodes. My friend Becca Berghorn joins me for the conversation and we talk about how important it is to have healthy relationships with people who can give you fuel when you are doing hard things, especially when you are pursuing personal growth. And, you'll hear in real time what it sounds like to have someone "in it with you" when doing a hard thing.

Listen here:

Here are links* to the tools and resources mentioned in this episode:

Personal Growth Sucks on Instagram Kinzel Consulting (my business website) Becca Berghorn Counseling (Becca's business website) Information about the Townsend Leadership Program List of Relational Nutrients People Fuel (book by John Townsend) Anatomy of the Soul (book by Curt Thompson) Atlas of the Heart (book by Brene Brown) Empathy Video with Brene Brown

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