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An Introduction to Personal Growth Sucks

My therapist says that personal growth is uncomfortable, scary, and awkward. She's right. This is why it sucks.

But it's also produced some incredible results in my relationships, career, emotional health, physical health, and basically every other area of my life.

So the truth is that I don't always think it sucks. I just don't like the uncomfortable, scary, and awkward parts.

On my blog and podcast, I invite you to join me and my friends as we talk about personal growth - the hard parts, how we’re leaning in despite how awful it can be, what we’re learning, and, most importantly, how we are moving forward. I'll share the resources and tools that are helping me, and hopefully you'll be encouraged in your own journey.

Check out the podcast at

Connect with me on Instagram, @PersonalGrowthSucks.

I also do one-on-one coaching, if you are interested in taking your personal growth journey to the next level. Connect with me to start a free consultation.


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