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Good Grief Video Course:
using grief as a tool to reclaim your power

Are you ready to turn grief into a superpower to launch you forward on your Intuitive Eating journey?


Discover how to overcome emotional blocks and achieve clarity in your Intuitive Eating journey with this nine-video course from Erin Kinzel, life coach and host of the Personal Growth Sucks podcast.


Do you feel stuck on your Intuitive Eating journey? Maybe you:

  • Understand the concepts of Intuitive Eating but feel like there are hidden obstacles that keep you from being able to fully implement them into your life

  • Beat yourself up when big emotions surface, like anger or sadness, which ends up sending you into a downward spiral 

  • Get caught up in wishful thinking and then become frustrated that your hopeful vision of “the way it could be” isn’t actually reality


If so, you might need to grieve!

Hi! I’m Erin Kinzel, a life coach and someone who is on my own Intuitive Eating journey.


I’ve struggled with all of the above issues and was surprised to discover that the solution was to lean into anger, sadness, and grief.


And then I was even more surprised to find that - on the other side of grief - is POWER. Grief helps us accept reality, own our choices, and have power for moving forward.

My Story

I was convinced that the perfect diet was out there - I just had to find the thing that would fit my needs, my body, my brain, etc. If I could just figure out the right combination - the right levers to pull when it came to food freedom, food control, activity, mindset, and other factors - then my body would finally give in and shed the pounds. I believed the lie that everyone should be able to control their weight, the lie that I lacked discipline and character because I hadn’t been able to figure out how to do this. 


When I found Intuitive Eating, I so desperately wanted it to be the perfect diet I had been searching for. I heard all the concepts, participated in the discussions, and tried so hard to implement the principles in my life. I couldn’t figure out why it didn’t seem to be “working” for me. Others would talk about gentle nutrition and finding peace with food, and I was over here still struggling.


It wasn’t until I realized that I needed to grieve the loss of the perfect diet - not only that Intuitive Eating wasn’t the perfect diet but also that the perfect diet doesn’t actually exist - that I started to find traction on my journey. And once I began the grieving process, I found many other things I needed to grieve and began to close the “open grief loops” related to my weight, dieting history, and health. This allowed me to reclaim energy and power, so I can make effective decisions that honor my priorities and needs.

With this video series and workbook, you’ll learn a grief framework that you can use over and over again, not just for Intuitive Eating, but for every area of your life.

Unlock Your Power Today! Enroll Before April 1 for Just $27. 

I’ll walk you step by step through the process, give you prompts for journaling and reflection, guide you through a real life example of how this works, and show you how to create compelling statements that will help you move forward in making empowered decisions for your life.

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When you purchase the Good Grief (Intuitive Eating Edition) course, you’ll get lifetime access to my 20-page workbook and nine videos. After you make your purchase, you’ll get immediate access, just check your email for the purchase confirmation and link to the course.


(If you don’t see the email, be sure to check your junk mail folder in case it went there instead of your inbox.)

Lifetime access means you’ll receive any future improvements to the videos, workbook, or additional bonuses, even if the price of the course has increased.

What others are saying about the "Good Grief" video course:

"I'm impressed with the 'Good Grief' course. I don't typically experience benefit from workbook activities, but the way Erin breaks down the steps to grief in this workbook blew me away. It is clear, it's easy to understand, and so helpful in identifying and processing grief. I understand grief better and feel like I have and "easy" way to through it now!" - Becca

"If you are looking for an easy to follow, life changing course for dealing with and experiencing grief, this is the course for you. Erin speaks with both authority and personal experience along with a deep care for the learner." - Mark

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As I get feedback I will be tweaking and adding to this course. By purchasing now, you will have lifetime access (which includes all the future improvements) even if the price of the course increases!

Do you feel like you’re struggling with foggy vision, where you know there is a path somewhere but the fog keeps you from seeing the next step for your Intuitive Eating journey? Imagine if you could understand the difficult experiences and emotions that are causing the fog, and build skills for clearing it away so you can have clarity. Imagine if you didn’t have to suppress difficult emotions but you could learn how to see them as friends who are helping you honor yourself and your needs. Imagine moving from feeling powerless about your circumstances to reclaiming your power and having the energy you need to move forward.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned about the power of grief on my personal growth journey and in my coaching, and in this course I’m showing you how it’s intersected with my Intuitive Eating journey in ways that have helped me get unstuck.


I am passionate about helping others and I’m confident that in going through this course you will learn at least one new skill and have one new “aha!” moment that will help you on your journey.

Invest in yourself and take advantage of this introductory price! The cost will increase to $57 on April 1!

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