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Grief Coaching Package (includes "Good Grief" video series)


Ready to transform grief into your greatest strength? With the Grief Coaching Package, you won't navigate this journey alone. Erin Kinzel, life coach and host of the Personal Growth Sucks podcast, will be your dedicated guide through the "Good Grief" video series, tailoring the content to your unique circumstances and objectives. What's Included: *Free, Lifetime Access to "Good Grief" Video Series: Gain insights and strategies from the comprehensive video course, plus personalized support from Erin. *Three One-Hour, One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Dive deeper into your journey with three intensive video coaching sessions focused on your specific needs and goals. In These Sessions, You'll Learn How to: *Identify and address your individual open grief loops. *Release the grip of "defensive hope" and embrace the power of acceptance. *Apply the grief framework to navigate challenges and reclaim your personal power. *Make empowered decisions aligned with your values and aspirations. After you purchase, you'll receive immediate access to the video course. Within two business days I'll connect with you about scheduling your first coaching session.

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